Changi – A Business Center and Much More

Changi might be the place you pass when you land in Singapore or stay when on a business trip. However, I spent a day here to discover certain attractions here which are often not known. What is evident here is the expo and convention centers or the business park.

Places to See

When you are in Changi, the places that are popularly looked at or explored are the Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Center, the Changi Business Park and the Changi Exhibition Center.

However, there are certain spaces with old world charm as well as wide open natural spaces. I enjoyed walking around the Changi City Point in the evening. It is located conveniently close to Changi Business Park. This mall has a rooftop garden with several eateries and stores for retail therapy.

I also enjoyed visiting The Coastal Settlement that has settings of the old world of the eighties. It is a bar, cafe, and restaurant which is designed as a kampong or community of village houses.

The Local Fare to Taste

Everywhere there are eateries here but to try the local cuisine the Changi Village Food center is a good place to start. There are stalls where you can try different dishes such as nasi lemak, coconut rice served with different side dishes and so forth.

There are fares around the world to try here. For instance, I discovered that Kinara is known for North Indian fare whereas Five Izakaya Bar is known to offer Japanese style beer and snacks.

Stop by a Brewery

This is hands down my favorite thing to do when I travel. Finding a good brewery is like a vacation on its own. I was told about this microbrewery called Little Island Brewing Co from a long time friend Ryan that worked in the industry for 15 plus years. He has since opened his own pool cleaning service, but still travels the world looking for good breweries. It has unique brews that people can savor which include ciders, lagers, and golden ales. I paired my drinks with barbecue American style and enjoyed my experience here. There is another great aspect of this brewery. It is located close to the sea and gives one good seaside views.

Montreal – The Picturesque District

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Montreal city is located in Quebec, and it boasts both new and old culture of Canada. The streets of Montreal are a constant reminder of the ancient history, the city withholds in itself. The streets are cobbled and it still houses some buildings that are 17th century old. It has a boasting skyscrapers lifestyle and underground nightlife. Apart from that, the city is commercialized with offices and buildings, hotels and all of this is highly connected to tunnels. Summers are a great season to visit Montreal’s; somehow the winters can be bitter in here.

Mountain Royal

Mountain royal sits on the 223 meters top of the Montreal City. Montreal is being such a busy and commercial city, the Mont-royal filled with lush greenery all around acts as a perfect lung for the coasting city air. Apart from being a Mont, it hosts a lovely park through which you can take a tour on foot or through cycles. This park in earlier times used to house Canada’s early ethnic groups. At the top of the hill, you can spot the panorama view of the city as far as the fifty-one kilometers length.

Botanical Gardens

The grounds that hosted the summer Olympic games of 1976, it is the same ground on which this botanical garden. The garden houses around 30 different themes for plantations and there were different greenhouses exhibitions. And different styles of climates are represented. There are two different outdoor gardens, that are Japanese and Chinese and they are worth a treat. This botanical garden also hosts its first insectarium which houses more than hundreds of different insects.

Parc Jean-Drapeau

This is known as the artificial island of Montreal and if you’re traveling with your family then this is the best place to visit as you will spot several attractions here that will be loved by everyone. The biosphere here is now maintained as an ecological park. There are several rides that are available on the island. The entry here is free.

Melbourne – The Most Happening City in Australia

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Melbourne is the capital of Victoria- one of the populous states in Australia. It is a beautiful city that has several sight-seeing destinations like botanical gardens, monuments, and resorts. It is well known for its multicultural restaurants, nightlife, and shopping streets that attract thousands of tourists to this city. Some of the most engaging places to visit in Melbourne are listed herein.

Royal Botanical Gardens

Royal Botanical Gardens can be best described as a beautiful oasis surrounded by the urban city life. Built in 1846, the place extends over 89 acres of land. Located on the southern banks of Yarra River, the garden houses over 10,000 varieties of plants and trees. Besides exotic and rare flowering plants the garden has several ponds and a fern walk. There is ample street parking facility and the entry is absolutely free.

Melbourne Zoo

If you are in Australia, you should definitely pay a visit to the popular Melbourne Zoo. The entry fee is around 36 AUD per person. Even though it may seem a bit expensive, the beauty of the wildlife preserve makes it worthwhile. The place has lots of beautiful forest trails and recreational facilities. There are many native animals like kangaroos, wombats, and koalas. The open-air habitats make the tour quite adventurous. If you have children on board, I would surely recommend this place.

Fitzroy Gardens

Fitzroy Gardens is yet another beautiful site in Melbourne that attracts lots of visitors. The garden has a well-designed landscape adorned with exotic trees and flowering plants. It is a perfect place for spending a relaxing afternoon. The main attractions to look for are the Fairy Tree, Captain Cook’s Cottage, and the miniature Tudor Village. It is quite an impressive destination for both kids as well as adults. The best part is that there is no entry fee involved.

Medellin: Experience the Best the City has to Offer

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Medellin is a modern and innovative city. It was a lovely stay filled with fun and excitement. You will be surprised to know that it has been named as the City of Eternal Spring. This is mainly due to the perfect weather. I enjoyed the fresh splash of sunshine the city has to offer. If you learn about the history of the city, you are surely going to appreciate how far it has managed to come. The city is home to so many attractions that you are not going to run out of things to do. Take a look at the few things you can do when you are in Medellin.

The Medellin Metrocable

The city is in a large Andean bowl. The best way to get a panoramic view is to get on public transport and reach The Medellin Metrocable. This took me above the city into the hills to surround the city. The view that it offered was just amazing. Do not forget to click pictures. Take the ride from Santo Domino till Parque Arvi. The ride took me around 15 minutes. At the top, there are some places where you can get some snack.

Museum of Antioquia

It is actually a city hall which has been converted to a museum. I came across the collection of Fernando Botero. He is one of the popular artists of Columbia. The guides there recommended me to start from the top floor. There I found the early pieces and gradually made way down to see his evolution. However, you will also find works of some international artists.


There are so many things to do in this city that it is difficult to cover one in a single visit. El Peñón de Guatapé, the monolithic rock form is 200 meters higher than the landscape which surrounds it. The view from the top is just mesmerizing.

Manizales: Explore the City of Open Doors

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A visit to Manizales made me feel that it is called the City of Open Doors for a reason. It is the city with small roads, hills, and friendly people. Manizales is a part of the popular Coffee Triangle. The gorgeous country-side simply took my heart away. There are plenty of things to do here. This makes it difficult to decide what to do and see. Let’s take a look at the best things you can do in Manizales.

Visit Los Nevados, National Park

Los Nevados is the most beautiful National Park of Colombia. The park situated at high altitude is home to many active volcanos, mountain lakes, and paramo ecosystems. I took a day trip. If you are feeling a lit bit adventurous then you trek to Santa Isabel Volcano, the glacier. For me, it was a unique experience.

Hacienda Venecia

Caldas department’s capital city, Manizales is one of the 3 regions which form the Colombian Coffee Triangle. Hence, this is where you will get to taste the best Columbian coffee. Hacienda Venecia is a coffee farm that I loved to explore. I went for a day with you and tried to learn everything I could about coffee.

Manizales Cathedral

The cathedral has the tallest church tower that I have ever come across in Columbia. It is 106 meters high. The unusual architecture of the cathedral makes it more attractive. However, what I loved the most was the view from the tower’s top. For this, you will have to climb. However, be careful if you fear heights.

Chipre Viewpoint

The city is very popular for its sunsets. Get the stunning sunset view from the city daily. However, I found the best place to enjoy it from is the Chipre neighborhood. This is a part of the town which is quite popular among the locals. This part is much higher than the other areas of the city which offer panoramic views.