Montreal – The Picturesque District

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Montreal city is located in Quebec, and it boasts both new and old culture of Canada. The streets of Montreal are a constant reminder of the ancient history, the city withholds in itself. The streets are cobbled and it still houses some buildings that are 17th century old. It has a boasting skyscrapers lifestyle and underground nightlife. Apart from that, the city is commercialized with offices and buildings, hotels and all of this is highly connected to tunnels. Summers are a great season to visit Montreal’s; somehow the winters can be bitter in here.

Mountain Royal

Mountain royal sits on the 223 meters top of the Montreal City. Montreal is being such a busy and commercial city, the Mont-royal filled with lush greenery all around acts as a perfect lung for the coasting city air. Apart from being a Mont, it hosts a lovely park through which you can take a tour on foot or through cycles. This park in earlier times used to house Canada’s early ethnic groups. At the top of the hill, you can spot the panorama view of the city as far as the fifty-one kilometers length.

Botanical Gardens

The grounds that hosted the summer Olympic games of 1976, it is the same ground on which this botanical garden. The garden houses around 30 different themes for plantations and there were different greenhouses exhibitions. And different styles of climates are represented. There are two different outdoor gardens, that are Japanese and Chinese and they are worth a treat. This botanical garden also hosts its first insectarium which houses more than hundreds of different insects.

Parc Jean-Drapeau

This is known as the artificial island of Montreal and if you’re traveling with your family then this is the best place to visit as you will spot several attractions here that will be loved by everyone. The biosphere here is now maintained as an ecological park. There are several rides that are available on the island. The entry here is free.