Changi – A Business Center and Much More

Changi might be the place you pass when you land in Singapore or stay when on a business trip. However, I spent a day here to discover certain attractions here which are often not known. What is evident here is the expo and convention centers or the business park.

Places to See

When you are in Changi, the places that are popularly looked at or explored are the Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Center, the Changi Business Park and the Changi Exhibition Center.

However, there are certain spaces with old world charm as well as wide open natural spaces. I enjoyed walking around the Changi City Point in the evening. It is located conveniently close to Changi Business Park. This mall has a rooftop garden with several eateries and stores for retail therapy.

I also enjoyed visiting The Coastal Settlement that has settings of the old world of the eighties. It is a bar, cafe, and restaurant which is designed as a kampong or community of village houses.

The Local Fare to Taste

Everywhere there are eateries here but to try the local cuisine the Changi Village Food center is a good place to start. There are stalls where you can try different dishes such as nasi lemak, coconut rice served with different side dishes and so forth.

There are fares around the world to try here. For instance, I discovered that Kinara is known for North Indian fare whereas Five Izakaya Bar is known to offer Japanese style beer and snacks.

Stop by a Brewery

This is hands down my favorite thing to do when I travel. Finding a good brewery is like a vacation on its own. I was told about this microbrewery called Little Island Brewing Co from a long time friend Ryan that worked in the industry for 15 plus years. He has since opened his own pool cleaning service, but still travels the world looking for good breweries. It has unique brews that people can savor which include ciders, lagers, and golden ales. I paired my drinks with barbecue American style and enjoyed my experience here. There is another great aspect of this brewery. It is located close to the sea and gives one good seaside views.